Never Forgot a Face

© C.L. Quigley 2015



Drought Relief

20150531_173457Source: Marston, Betsy. “Heard Around the West.” High Country News 25 May 2015.

entity stigmatized





out of a dark space,
a man walking in the oleanders–
the conversation that i started
was just an icebreaker.

experiencing the effects of trauma,
neurosis or psychosis is all done in privacy–
even for the most rational individual.

misunderstand the words or actions
in a high stakes situation,
and you’ll lose complete control.

this is not a get-out-of-jail card
taken to the right place for
draconian forced-treatment.

this is a warning
to the man walking in the oleanders–
step into the light.
you have no solitude.

© C.L. Quigley 2015
found poem source: Tuchinsky, Evan. “Identity destigmatized.” Chico News & Review. 19 Feb. 2015